Taobao 3 inconsistent food sellers can change the transfer from today

news August 18th, the newly revised edition of the "People’s Republic of China food safety law" will come into effect in October 1, 2015, the new law requires network food production operators licensed (excluding agricultural products), and has the responsibility of audit platform operators license.

it is understood that the law license cannot be checked out, today, Taobao will provide three cards (shop main business license and food distribution license) is not the same, and in a year for the main food category of the seller, change the transfer of open entrance.


billion state power network learned three inconsistent sellers need to prepare the following materials: 1) the original certification body (the original certification refers to the shop registered subject); 2) business license photos; 3) enterprise Alipay account: the Alipay account must exist, and we have passed the Alipay certification, unbound Taobao account. At the same time the associated account bound Taobao account must have no market shop.

before applying for the transfer of ownership, Taobao sellers need to complete 16 conditions for inspection, the seller can not be transferred through the inspection. It is reported that there are 30 days to change the transfer of publicity.

according to the new "food safety law", the food contains 9 level categories, food production operators to licensed (excluding agricultural products), and a platform operators license responsibility audit. Therefore, Taobao sellers need to operate in accordance with the scope of their own food circulation permit, accurate access to applications, such as multiple types of operations can be submitted for many times. starts from the end of August and will not limit access to the seller issued pre packaged food processing, the end of September to begin pre packaged food without access to the seller under the shelf.