first_imgIndustry figures have raised concerns about a healthcare ratings website that has allowed a wheelchair charity to submit a string of glowing reviews about its own services.The Posture and Mobility Group and the National Wheelchair Managers Forum have sent a joint letter to the I Want Great Care (iWGC) website, raising concerns about its relationship with Whizz-Kidz.iWGC claims that it provides patients with the opportunity to provide feedback about the care they receive from healthcare services such as GP practices, hospitals and pharmacies, that reviews posted on the site are “totally independent”, and that visitors “can be confident that comments have not been edited and represent true patient opinion”.But some wheelchair services professionals point to the overwhelmingly positive reviews given to Tower Hamlets NHS wheelchair services, provided through a partnership between Whizz-Kidz and Mile End Hospital in east London, with review after review giving the service five stars, often in all three sections (recommend, involvement and equipment).They highlight the arrangement by which Whizz-Kidz is allowed to collect reviews from its own Tower Hamlets service-users on paper and then send them to iWGC to be uploaded onto the site.And they fear that the flood of positive reviews could be used by Whizz-Kidz as it bids to secure new NHS wheelchair services contracts.A brief analysis of 135 reviews shows similar phrases that keep appearing in supposedly independent entries, such as “I cannot thank them enough”, “I cannot praise them enough”, “I really can’t thank you enough!”, “I cannot thank you enough”, “I cannot thank them enough” and “I cannot thanks them enough!!”.But the most suspicious example came in the similarity between two reviews of the Tower Hamlets wheelchair service that were posted 11 days apart.The first review, on 23 December – which has since been removed by iWGC – stated: “I was give a good decrper of what the weelchair was and was clearly given good intructon on how to use the chair and also what to do when using the chair in deffrent plasces. The staff were very frendly and undersand of my needs.”Another review, posted on 4 January, is almost identical, except that the spelling mistakes have all been corrected.It states: “I was given a good description of what the wheelchair was and was clearly given good instructions on how to use the chair and also what to do when using the chair in different places. The staff were very friendly and understood all of my needs.”There are also concerns at the large batches of reviews that are uploaded after apparently being provided by Whizz-Kidz, with 10 posted by iWGC on 15 February 2016, 12 on 12 February 2016, 13 on 23 December 2015, and 12 on 30 November 2015.And whereas by early this week the Tower Hamlets wheelchair service boasted 150 reviews, nearby Camden and Islington had attracted just one, while a wheelchair service in Roehampton had just two.Sir Bert Massie, former chair of the Disability Rights Commission, and now chair of the Community Equipment Code of Practice Scheme (CECOPS), the UK’s independent standards body for disability equipment, wheelchair and seating services, said his organisation was concerned about the relationship between Whizz-Kidz and iWGC and whether the reviews of the Whizz-Kidz service were “genuine independent reviews from service-users”.He said: “As the independent standards body for disability equipment, wheelchair and seating services in the UK, CECOPS’ aim is to improve the quality of these services, regardless of who provides them.”But he said he believed that the reviews being uploaded about the Whizz-Kidz service were “unhelpful to commissioners of services, unfair to other providers, and ultimately detrimental to service quality.”A Whizz-Kidz spokeswoman said in a statement: “Our customers are given the opportunity to feedback their experience independently and we do not input our customers’ feedback in to the website.“This is managed by iWantGreatCare and we trust they administer the platform appropriately.”She added: “Thank you for highlighting the double entry examples. We have referred this to iWantGreatCare and they are looking into it.”She declined to say exactly how the process worked by which Whizz-Kidz submits reviews of its own services to iWGC, or to say whether Whizz-Kidz was putting any pressure on service-users to submit reviews.Balshen Izzet, the charity’s director of communications, had earlier said in a statement: “The customer voice is at the centre of all of our work at Whizz-Kidz and we take pride in ensuring that our customers have the opportunity to give genuine feedback on the services and equipment they receive from us. “This feedback enables us to improve the service that we provide to our customers.”Last year, DNS reported on concerns about the influence of Whizz-Kidz on NHS England’s wheelchair services improvement programme, which included a new Wheelchair Leadership alliance, chaired by Baroness [Tanni] Grey-Thompson.The charity has close links with the former NHS England chief executive Sir David Nicholson, and is believed to have had about 10 representatives and service-users at an NHS England wheelchair summit in February 2014 – an event chaired by Sir David – even though it was attended by less than 80 people.Sir Bert has warned that Whizz-Kidz has a “very clear vested interest” in the reform process because “they want to compete for services”.Whizz-Kidz has wheelchair services partnerships with a string of NHS trusts, and says on its website that it is “continually seeking opportunities to work collaboratively with the NHS to deliver wheelchair services”. iWGC refused to comment on the Whizz-Kidz reviews, other than providing a copy of the organisation’s response to the complaint submitted by the Posture and Mobility Group and the National Wheelchair Managers Forum.In that response, iWGC’s web manager, Jenny Heelis, says that iWGC offers “multiple feedback collection methodologies to ensure maximum inclusivity for all service users”, including allowing services to use “forms, media and format customised to the specific needs of their service, and their patients”.She says that all of the feedback collected by iWGC “undergoes a moderation process”.  And she says that iWGC set up a project with Whizz-Kidz in 2014, which “includes a whole range of ways to collect feedback”, and that the results of this pilot scheme “will help iWantGreatCare understand what is effective for patients and the service provider”. The letter also says that it is “absolutely possible for other wheelchair services to collect feedback through paper”.Picture: Paralympian Hannah Cockroft, a Whizz-Kidz patron, with two of the charity’s ambassadorslast_img read more

first_imgSign up to LabourList’s morning email for everything Labour, every weekday morning.“Are Labour trying to block Brexit?” That was the subject line of an email from Brandon Lewis to Tory supporters last night. The party chair pointed to Labour’s new amendment as proof that the opposition is moving towards another referendum. “One thing is for sure – they simply can’t be trusted to keep any promise they make to respect the result of the referendum,” the email reads. Of course, many in the Labour Party wish we were trying to block Brexit, but that’s not what is happening. As detailed in yesterday’s email, the amendment isn’t as cheering to ‘People’s Vote’ supporters as it might at first seem, and Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t backed a fresh public vote.We can make a fair assumption that Lewis’ email foreshadows Theresa May’s strategy at PMQs today. Week after week, the Prime Minister has accused the opposition leader of trying to stop Brexit, even though making claims to the contrary would do a better job of exploiting divisions within Labour. John McDonnell’s praise on Newsnight for the “sensible” amendment tabled by Yvette Cooper, which aims to extend Article 50 unless a deal is agreed by the end of February, will probably feature in this afternoon’s attack lines. By supporting Cooper’s move, the Labour leadership risks playing into Conservative hands, but the gamble could pay off. Amber Rudd has warned that there will be ministerial resignations unless May offers a free vote.Just as Labour Remainers protest that 2016 Leave seats have turned, and the Labour votes in those constituencies come mostly from Remainers anyway, there are doubts among Tories over their strategy on Brexit. ConservativeHome has looked at the electoral landscape and concluded that a snap poll could see them shed former Remain voters – perhaps retaining just one seat in inner London – without gaining many new Leave voters nationally.Moreover, party chiefs at CCHQ have told The Sun that an election now will put Corbyn in No10 because they are “woefully underprepared” to fight one, with old data and a demoralised grassroots. This leak may well be an effort to put the fear into Tory MPs and coerce them into voting for May’s deal next week, but the concerns don’t paint a pretty picture for the Conservatives in the not unlikely eventuality that we do get a 2019 election.At the most recent meeting of Labour’s national executive committee (NEC) yesterday, members of the ruling body discussed election prep, from choosing all-women shortlists to selecting in non-marginals. The community organising unit is reportedly working with prospective parliamentary candidates and local parties now. Labour has its own worries – namely that an impassioned People’s Vote campaign could distort any nuanced messaging on Brexit – yet Corbyn’s party has more than a fighting chance of winning. And how long can a party that cannot govern stay in government?Sienna @siennamarlaSign up to LabourList’s morning email for everything Labour, every weekday morning.Tags:NEC /Theresa May /General Election /Labour /CCHQ /Jeremy Corbyn /Brexit /Brandon Lewis /last_img read more

first_img Tags: dolores park • protests Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% 12:33 p.m.What do you dance to at a counter-protest? Apparently “Love Shack” and “Respect.”Some tweets from elsewhere in the city: Another counterprotest moves down Mission Street— Laura Wenus (@LauraWenus) August 26, 2017 Protesters take over Steiner and Hayes. Conservative Patriot Prayer nowhere to be found. #ABC7now— Dan Noyes (@dannoyes) August 26, 2017 12:59 p.m.Angela Noble and Toni Marie both appreciated the cancellation of the Patriot Prayer event.“I respect them for canceling it,” Marie said. “They’re welcome to don some colors and have a nice time if they like.”Of the dance party, Marie said, “The media really zeroes in on the negative stuff. It’s the new opium for the masses.”“It’s showing that different people can get together and organize and have a good time and we don’t have to be haters,” Noble said.Noble (left) and Marie. Photo by Laura Wenus.1:24 p.m.The crowd at Dolores Park has grown to close to 300, but not everyone is dancing. Instead, many are sort of bobbing, waiting for the move to Harvey Milk Plaza in the Castro. From the sound of the helicopters overhead, there are more people there.Photo by Laura Wenus.Looks like they will be moving at around 1:45 p.m.Our political representatives, current and former, are at Harvey Milk Plaza. Around 11:30, revelers began to gather. Photo by Laura Wenus.Photo by Jackson May12 p.m.Some 250 to 300 people, some in funny hats and flower crowns, had gathered near the 19th Street palm trees at Dolores Park in one of several events planned to counter the message from those who had planned a Patriot Prayer rally.The Loved Up event at Dolores Park started at noon with around 100 people and grew over the next hour. Even before it started, a dozen San Francisco police officers were scattered around the perimeter of the park.Just yesterday, the organizers of the rally that Loved Up was meant to protest canceled their event, settling for a press conference at Alamo Square. Police, however, closed the square.“I am excited and highly encouraged,” said David Walzer, one of the organizers of Loved Up. “It’s obvious that the original goal of the Patriot Prayer freedom rally was attention and confrontation. The whole strategy is trying to provoke a violent response. It’s obvious that no one really fell for it.”Photo by Jackson MayWalzer said that a key part of defusing the potential for violence was the SFPD’s response and learning from earlier protests that keeping sufficient police presence and keeping opposing groups separated was the key.“You do that and it defuses everything,” he said. “We’re dancing and they [the Patriot protesters] look like fools.”If all goes as planned, those gathered in Dolores Park will move on to Harvey Milk Plaza at 1 p.m. Already, helicopters could be heard overhead.12:15 p.m.The crowd has grown to 200, and a lot of cake is being handed out.Michael Dillard and Kim Kirk were wearing their Star Trek T-shirts. Why?“Think about what Star Trek is — it is a lot of different people all coming together for a common cause.” said Dillard.“This is the future we want,” said Kirk.“Contrast that with the other group, that is all about hate,” said Dillard.“I want to join the dance party with a cake,” said Kim. “It really shows that when people come together in the spirit of nonviolence and solidarity that we can push back on hateful ideals … it’s also San Francisco — they kind of came to the wrong place.”Susan Reeves with cakes being passed out (inspired by Tina Fey skit). Photo by Laura Wenus.Photo by Jackson May We will be updating throughout the day. If you’ve read the top, jump to the new material below. By 2 p.m. today, a variety of counter-protests against a right-wing rally called Patriot Prayer arrived in the Mission District. One, a dance party at Dolores Park, drew upwards of 300 people. More than 500 people marched from Alamo Square, where Patriot Prayer organizers had announced they would hold a press conference after canceling their Crissy Field event, to Mission and 24th streets. Meanwhile, a massive counterprotest also gathered at Harvey Milk Plaza and joined another gathering at Civic Center.“No fear, no registry, stop white supremacy,” the marchers on Mission Street chanted.(See time-stamped updates throughout the day, below.)  0% 1:51 p.m.There is a crowd of 500 or more  protesters coming south on Valencia Street toward 16th Street. Lots of police officers are escorting the crowd. They appear to be turning toward Mission Street.Protesters on Valencia Street. Photo by Mark Rabine.Protesters at Valencia and 15th Streets. Photo by Mark Rabine.When one marcher appeared ready to start a confrontation, other marchers confronted him and told him to get out. With police nearby watching the scene, he did.A confrontation quickly ends. Photo by Mark Rabine2:05 p.m.The marchers are headed toward 24th Street on Mission Street. All traffic has been blocked off.“No fear, no registry, stop white supremacy,” the marchers chanted. 2:12 p.m.Ricardo Zegri, one of the marchers on Mission Street, said the group had come from Alamo Square, which had been closed off. There was no sign of any right-wing rally, he said, and after they had a rally of their own, they marched from Steiner to Waller to to Market, and then up Valencia to 16th and over to Mission Street. They plan to go to 24th Street.“It’s been a huge victory, where so many people came out to say, ‘hell no,’” said Zegri. “We scared them back into the shadows where they belong.”Zegri said he’d been moved to join the counter-protest after hearing President Donald Trump respond to Charlottesville.“Last week when we heard the President of the United States essentially endorse neo-Nazism, I got sick to my stomach and was unable to sleep,” he said. “It seemed irresponsible to do anything but scream at the top of my lungs.”Ricardo Zegri at the march on Mission Street. Photo by Laura WenusEzequiel Bronstein said to him, much of the political movements recently have been very personal, as a gay jewish immigrant from Latin America.“It’s important for us to speak up,” he said, then added, “But I present as a white straight male, so I enjoy some privilege. It shouldn’t be like that. So it’s very important for me to stand up.”2:30 p.m.Marchers stopped briefly at 22nd and Mission streets, the site of a massive fire in 2015, displacing dozens and killing one. There, neighborhood activist Roberto Hernandez talked to the crowd about displacement.“A brother died in that building,” Hernandez said. He reminded marchers that Latino families have been displaced from the Mission.And, then it was onward toward 24th Street. The crowd remained upbeat and peaceful.2:37 p.m.The marchers are at the 24th Street BART Plaza and the speeches have begun.Benjamin Bac Sierra, a vocal advocate for the family of police shooting victim Alex Nieto, encouraged those at the march to make an effort to get to know one another, dance together, even share kisses.“We defeated white supremacy, we defeated hate,” he told the crowd.At 24th Street. Photo by Laura Wenus. At 24th and Mission, crowd listens to @EQUIPTO— Laura Wenus (@LauraWenus) August 26, 2017 Meanwhile the Dolores Park dancers had moved on to Harvey Milk Plaza leaving behind those enjoying just another beautiful day at the park.Photo by Mark Rabine.2:50 p.m.Chanters and poets have taken over the microphones at 24th Street and so, between spoken word on oppression, there are shouts, “This is the power of the people and we won’t stop,” or, “fuck Trump, fuck Nazis.”A group of protesters briefly set up rainbow banners surrounding the protest in the middle of the intersection, but those were quickly moved to the plaza.The march concluded with words from Equipto, a local rapper and and activist; Nicolette Portillo, a Los Angeles-based poet; and Oakland organizer and activist Gina Madrid.Bac Sierra advised people to get together and dance after the rally, and to take care heading home.On possible encounters with violent racists, he added, “If you can, handle that shit, but if you feel like you need to take a step back, take out your phone and video them. Put them on blast.”The rainbow banners that went up for a bit. Photo by Laura Wenus.3 p.m.  The speeches are over, the band is playing and the crowd at 24th Street is down to fewer than 100. One protester has set a Trump piñata on fire. A few feet away, there’s live music and dancing.Photo by Laura WenusMission street is still blocked from 23rd to 26th streets. And while drivers can get through on Bartlett and Capp streets, both are backed up. Advice: If you are parked nearby, wait for a bit. Dance, have a bite…Or meditate?Around 3 p.m., Mission Street and 24th. Photo by Laura Wenus3:19 p.m. The crowds have left Harvey Milk, and at Civic Center, the message is love. 1:42 p.m.As the love-in or dance-in waited to move, the masses watched from afar as two banner-tow planes circled the marchers on Market street. One bore a message that appeared to read something like, “hate is a thought so is love.” Another proclaimed, “$130K raised adopt a Nazi not really.”This is the scene at Harvey Milk Plaza: 3:36 p.m.The traffic is flowing again on Mission Street, Capp and Bartlett, and the police are leaving the scene.We will keep an eye on Dolores Park, but otherwise we won’t be updating until something happens.Julian Mark and Mark Rabine contributed to this report.  Thousands stand against hate and Bigotry in Harvey Milk Plaza! #alamosquare #NoHateSF— Progressive Militia (@ProgMilitia) August 26, 2017 Rally in SF’s Civic Center calls for love above hate via @abc7newsbayarea— S L Mattocks (@shercares) August 26, 2017last_img read more

first_imgMIKE Rush said Saints wanted to steamroll Bradford from the off on Friday and that contributed to a comprehensive 54-0 win.Although the Bulls were depleted, Saints started with a big pack and it did its job in the early stages.“We started with a big pack as we wanted to steamroll them and that is what happened,” he said. “I thought we were good from the off and we owed it to ourselves to attack a little better than we did last week.“I think defensively we aimed up again and that is important for us as we had an off day a few weeks back and took a lot of criticism as a result. We are starting to remove that from us and I am really pleased with how we performed.“We used the ball well even though the conditions were bad but to be fair you have to give credit to the groundstaff on producing such a good pitch to play on despite the rain. It is a firm surface and it isn’t the conditions that affect how you play, it’s your footwork. If you look back to that game at Odsal we played in ankle deep mud and struggled. The pitch at Langtree Park is excellent.”Josh Jones grabbed a hat-trick in the match to celebrate a new three-year deal he signed on Thursday.He added: “Josh Jones played well didn’t he? He’s stronger than cider and takes on the line well. We’ve never really struggled with juniors here… we’re lucky we have a production line and a number of the juniors when they are given the challenge and an opportunity to perform they can.“This was Josh’s ninth game today and I can’t remember him making more than one error in all that time. He is a real good player and hopefully he keeps his feet on the floor. He has a new deal and is certainly one for the future.”last_img read more

first_imgTHERE are just a couple more days to take advantage of our great Early Bird Season Ticket deals.Join thousands of other fans who have already secured their spot for the 2013 campaign – with places in many areas of the stadium now limited.The deadline to secure these offers is Christmas Eve so you’ll have to act fast!The Hattons Solicitors West Stand has tickets available – as does the East – whilst there are seats left in the North and Solarking South Stands.Great value:Junior Season Tickets in the Hattons Solicitors West Stand are priced at just £50 – saving £80 on full match day prices. That’s eight free home games for the price of a leading computer game! It also gets you in away matches too.Family Season Tickets for three people or more save at least £100 or three free games on full match day prices across the stadium. Juniors pay only £3.30 per game when attending with an adult!Young Adult Season Ticket holders can save £62 over the course of the season.Season Ticket Holders are also entitled to 50%-off unreserved seating for the Magic Weekend at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester.It’s simple to buy your ticket – either call into the Ticket Office at Langtree Park, telephone 01744 455 052 or log on to www.saintssuperstore.comlast_img read more

first_imgON paper this was a banana skin waiting to happen for a young and relatively inexperienced Saints outfit, writes Graham Henthorne.The Saints, bereft of some of their more well-known stars due to injury and international call-ups against a Wildcats side, mid-table but with some notable performances against good opposition.As it turned out it was an outstanding performance from a hungry Saints side which harked back to the Brazilian days of near yesteryear.Led by four try Elliot Jenkins and ably assisted by his half back partner Brad Billsborough, the Saints were just too good for the Wildcats and would have been for almost anyone placed in front of them.However, the first four minutes were all Wildcats as they were camped out on the Saints line, even having a try cancelled out for a double movement.But from that penalty two drives from Jordan Olmez and the frighteningly young Alex Eckley put the Saints on the front foot. On the third tackle hands from Jenkins and Billsborough saw Jake Spedding commit his defender before setting his winger Kev Brown free. His mazy inside run ended with a pass to Jenkins and a run to the line for the opening try.Three more tries in the next ten minutes saw the game over as a contest and the coaching staff start to pinch themselves at what we might be about to witness.A Jenkins offload out of a tackle from a scrappy piece of play allowed Aaron Smith to score the second and a high kick from the stand-off saw Mike Weldon continue his rise with a try to signal yet another stellar performance.Captain Liam Cooper scored the fourth try taking Weldon’s pass after a great offload from Olmez.Jenkins scored his second after a fabulous jink inside which nearly put him off his own feet.Olmez heralded another wonderful performance of his own with a try under the stick after good work from Cameron Brown and Regan Grace.The visitors had not hoisted the white flag at this stage and put the Saints under pressure for a period of time but this was lifted as Kev Brown put Chris Follin away for the final score of the half.It didn’t take rocket science coaching to say more of the same please and after another five minutes of Wildcat pressure that’s exactly what we got as Ben Morris almost put Cooper away before he broke clear on the next tackle and put Jonah Cunningham under the sticks.If they hadn’t known there was nothing on for them today before, the Wildcats definitely knew it after their kick on the last deep in Saints territory had ricocheted straight into the hands of Kev Brown who scooted in from 90 metres out.Four further tries in a ten minute period from Jenkins twice, one from an outrageous Cunningham dummy, and one each from Cam Brown and Owen Smith put the Saints way ahead of the point a minute target they had set themselves.The slightly harsh sin-binning of Kev Brown slowed things up but a 95 metre interception try from Spedding and an 80 metre canter from Morris put the seal onto a truly spectacular performance.Don’t get me wrong, the opposition didn’t stop trying and you can see why they have beaten quality opposition, but today they were not given a sniff by the Saints.As much as the quality of some of the tries was Summer Rugby encapsulated, the pleasing thing about today’s performance was the quality of the defence. To nil anyone in this league takes some doing, but you do that by hitting hard and often.The quality of the tackling today was, in many cases, brutal and a measure of that was how many of the opposition got up slowly or not at all.Unbeaten run still very much intact but all thoughts turned straight away to the next task in hand, Castleford at the Mend-a-Hose jungle on Thursday night. No rest for the wicked!Match Summary:Saints U19s:Tries: Elliott Jenkins (5, 23, 54 & 65), Aaron Smith (8), Mike Weldon (12), Liam Cooper (15), Jordan Olmez (28), Chris Follin (38), Jonah Cunningham (45), Kevin Brown (51), Cameron Brown (58), Owen Smith (63), Jake Spedding (70), Ben Morris (77).Goals: Brad Billsborough 12.Wakefield U19s:Tries: Goals:Half Time: 38-0Full Time: 84-0Teams:Saints:1. Matty Costello; 5. Regan Grace, 4. Cameron Brown, 3. Jake Spedding, 2. Kevin Brown; 7. Elliott Jenkins, 6. Brad Billsborough; 8. Jordan Olmez, 9. Aaron Smith, 10. Alex Eckley, 11. Liam Cooper, 12. Ben Morris, 13. Mike Weldon. Subs: 14. Jonah Cunningham, 15. Chris Follin, 16. Callum Hazzard, 19. Owen Smith.Wakefield:1. Tom Megretton; 2. Kyle Ratchford, 3. Ryan Strafford, 4. Liam Senior, 5. Lee Kershaw; 6. Scott Fleming, 7. Christian Ackroyd; 8. Jack Arnold, 9. Brad Moules, 10. Frazer Morris, 11. Shaun Woofitt, 12. Chris Brown, 13. Jordan Crowther. Subs: 14. Sam Blake, 15. Aaron Yorke, 16. Callum Sampson, 17. Lewis Wray.last_img read more

first_imgKEIRON Cunningham says Hull FC are currently the best team in the comp and he isn’t expecting a Challenge Cup hangover when the two sides lock horns this Friday.Lee Radford’s side claimed this season’s first piece of silverware with a thrilling 12-10 win over Warrington on Saturday.“It was a really exciting Challenge Cup Final and I am really pleased for Radders (Lee Radford),” he said. “He went through it last year and has come through the side of it. He deserves the success as do all the Hull boys.“People talk about a Cup hangover but we will be facing a tough side. They didn’t rest players before the Cup final so they certainly won’t be afterwards. They are the best side in the comp, have just won the Cup, and have ambitions of winning all three.“We have played them three times this season and on two of those occasions we had a real chance of winning. We will be a different animal to the one they faced last time we played.“We have had a break, freshened the boys up, got plenty of training in and we know what we are facing.”He continued: “They are a good team across the board. They have lots of international players, players who have played State of Origin and they are playing for each other. There are also very good kids there and local talent.“I am really pleased for Danny Houghton – he deserves the credit he is getting – and players like that. They have been around those tough times and have come through them.“They are in a good place at the minute and will be hungry for a little bit more.“We’ll just keep on fighting each week and once the game with Wakefield is over we will then see where we are at.“Momentum is massive at this part of the season and is the biggest thing everyone is striving for. You can see how easy it is to gain and how easy it is to be lost. Two or three poor games can have you falling off the face of the earth.“These are important games for us as we build into something.”Saints will be without Mark Percival as he continues to rehab his leg injury whilst Luke Walsh and Luke Thompson are suspended.Tickets for the game remain on sale from the Ticket Office at Langtree Park, by calling 01744 455 052 or online here.last_img read more

first_imgCrews work to restore power in Whiteville (Photo: City of Whiteville, NC Facebook) COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Many Duke Energy Progress customers in Columbus County have been without power since around 8:30 last night.There are multiple outages between Hallsboro and Whiteville. Several outages were caused by falling limbs or trees that damaged equipment, according to the Duke Energy Outage Map.- Advertisement – Crews are currently assessing the damage. No word yet on when power will be fully restored.WWAY left a message with Duke Energy Progress, we’ll bring you more details as they become available.last_img read more

first_imgJohn Pensyl NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Skeletal remains found in Monkey Junction in November have now been identified as a 20-year-old missing since May of 2012.According to the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, dental records confirm they found the remains of John Calvin Pensyl.- Advertisement – Pensyl was last seen May 17, 2012 at the bus stop near the Lowe’s Home Improvement Store on Carolina Beach Road.On November 21, a construction crew found bones in a wooded area behind the Walmart on Carolina Beach Road.Detectives went to the scene and contacted a professor from UNCW who confirmed they belonged to a human. CSI collected the remains and sent them to East Carolina University where the medical examiner’s office there identified them.Related Article: Walmart is getting rid of greeters, worrying the disabledThe remains were returned to New Hanover County earlier this week.The sheriff’s office says foul play is not suspected, but the fact that the remains were so degraded means they can’t definitely determine how Pensyl died.last_img read more

first_imgKathleen Crouch has been missing since August 13, 2018. (Photo: Burgaw Police) UPDATE: Kethleen Crouch has been found.BURGAW, NC (WWAY) — The Burgaw Police Department is asking for your help finding a missing woman.- Advertisement – Burgaw police say Kathleen June Crouch told a family member over the phone on Monday that she was staying in Pender County near Burgaw, however, was leaving to go back to Wilmington.Kathleen Crouch, 34, is 5’3” tall and weighs approximately 135 lbs.Anyone with information, please call the Burgaw Police Department at (910) 259-4924 and speak with Sergeant Donald Byrd.last_img read more